These are some of the most memorable records in domino history. Official records have been formally confirmed by Guinness World Records whereas unofficial records are not categories that Guinness recognizes.

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Largest Domino Circle Field: 76,017 dominoes by The Incredible Science Machine Team

Most dominoes toppled in a spiral: 55555 dominoes by Sinners Domino Entertainment

Longest wall 30 meters by Austrian Domino Art

Largest Domino Mosaic 50 Sq. meters by Domino Day 2008

Most Dominoes Toppled by a Group 4491863 dominoes by Domino Day 2009

Most Mini Dominoes Toppled 200 dominoes by Sinners Domino Entertainment

Most Dominoes Toppled by an Individual 321197 dominoes by Liu Yang

Worlds Tallest Domino Structure 9.17 meters by Austrian Domino Art

Most Dominoes Stack on a Single Piece 1055 dominoes by Sinners Domino Entertainment

Unofficial Edit

Biggest 2-d pyramid: 125 layers bigbobbydog

Biggest cube: ~18,000 dominoes by KP Dominobuilding

Biggest speed pyramid (Free Standing) 30 layers by FlippyCat

Longest speed pyramid 104 meters by dominoday111